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The UnCooked Experience

What's Cookin Budies?

   Hello we are Cookin Budies, an interactive, traveling cannabis cooking based series. Our mission is to be a visual encyclopedia series that broadcasts and informs the community properly. Our series takes place in beautiful, luxurious rental properties around the world. Each episode will feature a new chef cooking with sponsored brands “oils, butters, etc”. Making a different featured entrée, drink, or dessert. Meanwhile giving insight on the benefits of the medicinal usage of the infused product used to prepare. We also provide product reviews and news updates with our beautiful Baked Babes. We are based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Let’s grow the community together, in a way that’s never been done before! Please sign up to your mailing list.


UnCooked Experience

Cookin Budies “The UnCooked Experience” is a Private Infused Dining Experience that’s blended with The Luxury Lifestyle, Fine Dining, & Creative New Themes. Cookin Budies was established in 2017 right here in Viva Las Sin City, NV. Contact us if you’d like to be apart of our Uncooked Experience or want us to create an experience for you and your loved ones. Don’t forget subscribe to our newsletter! We are currently providing service to the US and Canada.

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